Thursday, May 3, 2012

A New Front Door

Well, it's pretty obvious I have house on the brain. 

My current obsession?  A pale blue minty green front door. 
This is where I need your help. I just can't decide. In my heart I love it, but I want to make sure I'm not out of my mind crazy.  See that first little picture down there? That's our new old home. I rigged up a pale mint door in Photoshop to see what it would look like. I love the color of the screen door in the picture right below it. It seems their house has the exact same colors going on with the exterior, which gives me hope. 


Be honest. 
Clockwise from left: Our new front door, 2, 3, 4


Chris Cook said...

I like the color itself. What color is the door now? If it's already painted and you like the mint you can always give it a try. It's easy enough to repaint if it doesn't work out.
If the door isn't painted and is original exposed wood I wouldn't recommend it. Stripping the paint to get back to bare wood isn't easy. A lot of the original St. Louis doors are made from Cyprus which has really interesting wood grain and isn't available any more in new doors.
Good luck with the new house!

Erin said...

I like the mint, too, but would also consider changing up the black shutters if you go with mint. Not necessarily painting them mint, too, but maybe a softer color instead of black.

natalie said...

do it, do it!

Amrita Rawat said...

I think the first guy makes a lot of sense, but I also love things in mint... also just wanted to say, your house is SO ADORABLE. There are so many cute houses in this city!
See ya at the market!

Laura said...

I totally agree with Erin. Do it, but change the black shutters.

annie said...

I say do it... and I'm not even convinced you'd have to change the black shutters. That's certainly a change that could come later if you wanted, but your photoshopped version looks good to me (I'd even say you could go a bit more saturated in the color dept.), and the couple below has black shutters, and their door looks great! I think you'll be really happy to have such a fun color greeting you and your visitors every day... go for it, and report back!

Anonymous said...

we painted ours a few years ago. While it's a less bluish minty green we love it. It adds so much spunk and character. You can tell a lot by a family from their front door. :)
Here is a link with pics.


Allie Peach said...

Go for it! Every time you see your cheery minty door, you will smile. I just know it.

Nuri Rossignol said...

Mint-colored doors are cool to the eyes! If I were you, I’d have one of those for my home! It would be great to look at that kind of door - that is, if it complements the overall theme of your home's exterior.

Leif Clancy said...

Don’t be afraid to take some risks, Kara. Maybe a mint-colored front door is all you need to add beauty to your house! Just make sure that the color matches the entire look of your house, and that it suits well with the design. But don’t choice shades that are too light because that might make your door look dull and bland.

Keven Sumrell said...

I think Leif is right, Kara! Making a bold move when it comes to revamping your home can create an excellent result. And I think that the mint green color will go well with the overall look of your house. It will surely make your door adorable. Just be sure to choose the right shade. Not too light that it would look bland, and not too dark or neon-like, that it will not come close to your photo-inspiration.