Friday, April 1, 2011

Kara & Julia

I'm pretty sure everyone and their mom wanted a pegboard in their kitchen after seeing this beauty on Julie & Julia.

Some of you may even remember my excursion to Julia's kitchen at the Smithsonian. Is it sad that I was almost in tears? I didn't think so either. 

Well, thanks to my oh-so-wonderful husband, we have a little Julia inspired pegboard of our very own. It's not very big, but being that our kitchen has 3 drawers and ONE lonely cabinet, I'll take any extra storage I can get. And, let's just be honest here, how cute does my rolling pin and cast iron skillet look up there? 

Yep, Adorable.

We used these super easy to follow instructions from Apartment Therapy. 

I love making our house a home. And, I even more fun kitchen projects to show you soon. Hooray!


Natalie's Life said...

TOO CUTE. This makes me want one in my kitchen. =)

Erin said...

Love it!

Allie Peach said...

Yes, adorable :)

MelanieKaye said...

Love it! I saw this yesterday on Design Sponge and wanted to imitate it in some way. Way to get creative and utilize your space!