Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Communion Dinner

My husband has been at a conference here in town this week put on by Bifrost Arts called: Liturgy, Music & Space.

I think I could write several blog posts about what we've shared in through this conference this week and how it has encouraged and inspired us, and I just might.

But last night takes the cake. It was such an incredible and valued experience.

As part of the conference they hosted a Communion Dinner. A local chef, and seminary grad, who runs an underground dinner monthly here in St. Louis prepared a delicious family-style meal. We have been dying to check out one of these dinners, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out I got to be a part of this. He took time to share with us about the connection between faith and food and how it is no coincidence that we are called to break bread and drink wine corporately as communion.

This dinner enforced everything I feel about food. It's more than just nutrition, it's more than just delicious... It builds community. Community is shaped and celebrated around the table.

The tables were set around a around a group of musicians (including a harp!) who led us through a liturgy and hymn communion service. Then we all broke bread off of crusty warm baguettes, poured each other glasses red wine and shared in an rich and delicious meal.

My mind is already whirling with ideas about how we can replicate this in our home with our community, and I have every intention of doing so. Experiences like this can't just stay a memory. They're gifts given to be shared.

I only had enough light to catch a decent photo of the first course. So, here's a run down on what we ate. I will not do this justice since we didn't have a written menu, but I'll do my best.

First Course:
Communion - Bread and Wine

Vegetable Courses:

  • Endive in meyer lemon sauce with toasted pistachios
  • Red and golden beats roasted in molasses with feta and toasted walnuts
  • Roasted carrots (with some amazing sauce i can't remember) topped with goat cheese. Everything is better with goat cheese.
  • Potatoes fried in duck fat (thank you God.) topped with a salsa Verde made from fennel stalks
Main Course:
Melt in your mouth braised pork shoulder .. Oh Yeah.

I loved last night, and I only got to go because Jake had to work. Thank you Jake for passing along your ticket. I love you. I love you. I love you.

My heart is so full.
I love this week.


diane said...

hi kara, we really wanted to go the the bifrost conference this week, but my husband has a really crazy week with his seminary classes. one of our friends served at the dinner last night. so cool you got to go.

My name is Caroline said...

Wait a second, I had no idea you were in the St. Louis area! I've been following your for a while... we just moved to St. Louis! :) Seminary as in Covenant? The dinner sounds like it was wonderful!

My name is Caroline said...

Yes, I've heard of The Journey. My husband works at Central Pres in Clayton. He has an MA from RTS Jackson but is looking to finish his MDiv at Covenant. I'm so glad to know you're here. I'd love to have lunch or coffee with you sometime!