Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Covering House

I'm fortunate enough to know an incredible woman who is giving her life to starting a home for girls under 18 who are rescued out of human trafficking and sexual exploration in the US. Watch this quick video to learn a little bit more. These are clips from a documentary produced by George Clooney about the issue at hand called The Playground. 

It's easy to feel helpless when you are confronted with such sad and shocking news. But we don't have to be helpless. We can do something. 

I don't have a huge audience with this blog, but it's one of few platforms I have to get the word out about this shocking and heartbreaking problem in our country. 

So, I'm asking you just to take a few minutes and let me tell you a few things: 

There are an estimated 300,000 children (or more) who are currently being trafficked ...sold for sex... and are being manipulated into a lifestyle of addiction and abuse in the U.S. 

The average age girls are forced into prostitution is THIRTEEN. 


These girls don't get to have dance parties to Justin Beiber, have sleep overs at their girlfriend's homes, run around and act silly, pass notes in class, or talk to their girlfriends about their crush at school. They don't get to play sports, or ride horses, or get a normal teenage girl attitude with their mom. They don't get to buy their first dress for a dance or be a cheerleader. 

They don't get to be a normal thirteen year old girl. 

They get to be sex slaves.

There currently only 100 BEDS to provide rescue to these girls in the ENTIRE country. 300,000+ girls being trafficked, 300,000 modern-day slaves, 300,000 little girls being forced to have sex with older men and there are only ONE HUNDRED beds to accommodate their rescue. 

There is obviously a huge problem. 

This is where The Covering House comes in. This is the home my friend is starting, and I'm lucky enough to be a part of helping with this organization. What we need is awareness and support to be able to purchase the home so we can provide more beds for these girls.

I could go on for hours about this issue and why there is such a large need for awareness, but it would take several posts ... and maybe there will be. 

What I need is help from my blogger friends.

- Are you a graphic artist who would be interested in issuing an art print, or series or prints, for resale to support this home? 

- Are you an Etsy seller who would be willing to donate items for resale to support this home, or perhaps a percentage of your store profits? Or maybe you'd like to commission a special handmade item for the cause? 

- Would you be willing to help me organize a "handmade event" with several Etsy sellers where proceeds go to the Covering House?

- Would you be willing to post about this issue and the Covering House?

- Are you in St. Louis? Would you be willing to help plan special events or coordinate fund-raising opportunities?

- Would you be willing to donate funds?

- Do you have another idea I'm not thinking of? Is there a connection you have that can be put to good use?

Please feel free to email me with thoughts, ideas, ways you are willing to help, or if you decide to write a post of your very own. I would love to hear from you.


marisa gary said...

i'm a graphic designer. I'll help. email me marisagary (at) gmail (dot)com

Patti said...

Just wanted to let you know that I shared a link to your blogpost on my Facebook page. My son-in-law is also helping with this ministry. It's encouraging to see others who are doing what they can to help! Way to go!

Jessica said...

I'm looking at the website right now and thinking of things I can do. Thank you for sharing this and keep the posts about it coming!

Cory Fink said...

I would love to help organize or plan a fund-rasier for the organization!! I would love to give some of my time to help where you guys need it.

annie said...

I do a little bit of graphic design work on the side, and Jordan and I are always looking for organizations to donate our money to each month. I know we're not in St. Louis, but I'd love to help in any way!

My name is Caroline said...

My heart breaks. I'm convinced that just about every man who looks at me and especially at Julip is a sex offender. I would love to be a part of this. You know, I have always been wary of giving money to homeless/street people. And after this post, I was thinking about what Jesus commands us to do. He says to take care of the orphans and widowers and poor. So many times you may give money to a panhandler and think, "Geez, I hope they don't buy crack with that." But there is a different way to give that ensures your money is being used wisely. Widowers need love and help. Orphans need love and help. These girls are kinda like orphans. They don't have a family. When God commands us to help the widowers and orphans, I know he had these girls in mind.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara, I attended The Covering House volunteer meeting and would love to join with you in a fundraising event of homemade goods. I could contribute jewelry (mostly necklaces using recycled materials). Thanks for your blog post! -Annie (amw98@hotmail.com)