Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pay it Forward

Do you love getting mail?

I do.

So when I saw this post from the oh-so-wonderful, I'm sure you know her blogger, Miss Anne @ Indefinitely Defiantly . I knew I had to respond. Since I was one of the first 3 comments on her post that day, I got a little special package. I'll tell you what, It made my day!!

Here's a quote from Anne about Paying it Forward:
"It's amazing the power of "paying it forward". It's a chain reaction, that once started can be infinite. I encourage you all to be more "aware" of how you can become a catalyst in "paying it forward"."

And, Look what came in the mail this week!!

A wonderful Christmas mix...
(never mind my oddly shaped, needs to be filed nail)

Some cute address labels...

And about the cutest card I ever have seen. ..

Wanna play along?!
Well, I'm hopping on the Pay it Forward train. Would you like to receive a special holiday package from Inspired Kara? Here's how:

1- Leave me a comment telling us your Christmas wish by friday at 5:00 p.m.

2- Enjoy reading other's comments. Hopefully this will give us some perspective on what Christmas is all about.

3- I'll randomly pick three folks, get your email, and PAY IT FORWARD!!!

4- There's one condition, if you are selected- you have to pay it forward too! Not even in blog land, a simple batch of cookies for neighbor, a hand-made card, whatever you may be inspired to do at that moment. Just blog about what you did!

p.s. The Starbucks copy-cat wreath project is almost done. I'm buying the final ornaments tonight! Stay tuned for a very adorable DIY tutorial...

Here's a sneak peak....

Come back and see me!



Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I will be back to see the finished product, and I am so jealous of the adorable Christmas tags! I love them!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be apart of your "Paying it Forward" chain!! :)
I LOVE doing things that way!

You are so crafty! You should organize a bloggers swap! I dont have enough readers to do one :(

Cant wait to see the wreath!!

Katie and Josh said...

My Christmas wish is that everyone would stop worrying and spending so much money for needless gifts for each other. If we took the money and time we spent on Christmas gifts, and applied to helping people in need, we could make a huge difference. : ) I would love ot pay it forward.

Miss Anne said...

Oh sweet pea! I'm so glad that you got it and like it! :)

I would love to participate in yours as I love to pay it forward!

My Christmas wish this year is for everyone to be happy and healthy!(oh ya, and a Canon Rebel xsi with additional lense.. ha! a girl can dream right?)

Anywho... i ♥ your wreath!


I agree with TMS... let's do a bloggerswap!!


leaca said...

Great concept. Fun package to receive too.

Christmas wish...can I wish big? I am going to wish that I could be with all my loved ones this Christmas.

I can't wait to see the wreath.

Letter press--I kept on ebay for months before I seen some posted. Keep your eye out. I will too.

Katie said...

Good job on picking different colors for your Starbucks copy cat wreath... I like yours better!

Oh! And, my Christmas wish is that my family can celebrate together. It's going to be a hard one since my uncle died this year.

Don't worry, I have more selfish wishes, but that doesn't matter... unless you want to give me an ipod, new running shoes, and/or a kitchen timer.


Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage said...

My Christmas wish is for my my family and friends to have a healthy and happy New Year....I would love to be a part of Paying it Forward......and I would be in if you organize a blog swap too!!!!

Trina said...

Love this idea! If I play along on the blog, I wonder what I could give away...

I am sure the wreath is amazing. Can't wait to see it.

Hera said...

You're such a good person, with the biggest heart I've ever known. You amaze and inspire me everyday.

Pretty sure I've never told you that, so I just wanted to share that.

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

My Christmas wish: to get caught up on sleep and remotivated for next semester!

Anonymous said...

oh, gosh...
my Christmas wish....

I wish that a little girl or boy whose out there missing mommy or daddy from the war, I wish that that parent would get to come home!

I also wish that my brother didn't have such a hard journey ahead of him...

Thanks, Kara! It's nice to get that out...

Can't wait to pay it forward!

Laurel MacD said...

I love the finished wreath and it's stuck in my things to make file. Love Love Love it.
I would love to pay it forward and my Christmas wish is for more time with just my husband!