Monday, February 11, 2013

A very long story for you about a simple chair and God's provision

Last night while working on the nursery this conversation happened:

Me: "I really wish I could just find a glider or rocker that I really like. Too bad they all cost like $600"

Jake: "Let's pray for one."

Me: "Well it's not like we can't afford one, and it's just me being particular. There are a million normal gliders on Craigslist for like $30."

Jake: "Well, I'm still going to ask for one."

Me: "You're crazy if you think you are going to find an upholstered rocker for like $30"

Jake: "Well I'm still going to pray for one."

Can you see where this is going? 

This morning I did my daily search for the perfect upholstered rocker or glider. Well, one popped up for THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS! I frantically figured out a way to go pick it up before 6 (when the owner had another person coming to look at it), loaded it up in our car all alone and drove it home .... terribly excited, a bit shocked by God's generosity and very very thankful. Well, when I got it home my heart sank. When we put it in the nursery it was so slanted that you almost fell forward out of the chair while sitting in it. Not really the most comfortable spot for rocking your sweet baby girl.  Clearly I had purchased a bum chair. 

I wondered why God would provide something so very specific just for it to be a huge big fail. I sat in the living room and felt discouraged, and to be honest, super over emotional. I had been so excited, and now I was so let down.

Jake disappeared for awhile and I found him upstairs with the whole chair disassembled. Turns out the entire chair was assembled incorrectly. He fixed it, and the chair worked just as it was intended.

Needless to say I learned a lot. I learned that God can and will answer small and silly-seeming prayers to increase our faith. I learned that doubting His specific provision convicted me of my very limited belief in His willingness to provide. And, I learned to trust my husband a bit more. I shouldn't think it is crazy to ask God for what seems impossible. I realize that God will not give us every silly material thing we want, but He will use small situations to reveal large truths. He is capable, generous, and a perfect provider.

The chair isn't perfect. It needs a really good washing or a new cover, but I love it. Not just because it fits perfectly in our nursery, but because it reminds me that we serve a loving, generous, and present God who delights in teaching His children about His character.


Faryn Bo said...

Love this, Kara! Again I am reminded to trust in Him to provide for all my needs.

Laura @FoodSnobSTL said...

Love this.

Katie said...

I can't wait for you to rock Hazel and pray a bunch of silly, insignificant things over her for hours and hours!!

Kate Johnston said...

Aw, yay!!! What a great story.

Amanda Joy said...

Awe love those little reminders that He cares about LITTLE things!

Debbie From Illinois said...

Don't you just those little moments that God uses to show us his love.

Hey, are we going to get a peek at Hazel's nursery? Pretty please. :)

SkyMommy said...

That's so great that you found a chair and at the perfect price. Very cool.

monika said...

beautiful story full of faith