Monday, November 12, 2012

Half Way

Dear Sweet Hazel June, 

You are a girl! As in, you are going to be our DAUGHTER. I'm still almost brought to tears every time I think about it. I was convinced you were a little gentleman, but it turns out all my wildest dreams came true and God decided a little precious girl was just what our family needed. 

You are named Hazel because it is classic, beautiful and unique... just like we hope for you. Do you know my most common prayer for you, besides your health, is that you will have a BIG and ACTIVE imagination? I hope you lean into your God-given creativity and explore it with all your might. Your Dad and I will try and help you along the way. I want your ears to be filled with music and your eyes to be flooded with beauty. Hopefully you'll get your daddy's singing voice too! We can only hope and pray. Then, you wont be stuck whisper singing in church to spare those around you like your mommy. 

Your middle name is oh-so-very-special. You share it with your Nana Ava ... my mom! It's her middle name too, but among her family and friends back home in North Carolina she goes by June all the time. They don't know her as Ava like we do. She is the strongest woman I know, and you should feel quite honored to share your name with her. She is generous, selfless and HILARIOUS. I can't wait for you to meet her. She is just going to love you and spoil you so much. She's dying to teach you to bake cookies. Your future friends will thank you for this. It just so happens she has the best recipes. 

I'm half way through my time carrying you in my tummy. Oh how time is flying! I have a feeling with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the way you will be here before we know it! We've started getting the house ready for your arrival. I can't wait to start decorating your room. I think it is going to to be so sweet and precious. You also are acquiring quite the adorable wardrobe ... I just can't help myself.

You're about the length of a BANANA right now!!! Remember when you were just the size of a poppy seed?! It's crazy how fast you are working at growing. My belly is starting to pop out a bit and people are noticing that you've made a home there ... and so am I. I can FEEL you move. It so amazing. I can feel more and more of your little movements and kicks each day. Sometimes they startle me, but they are always welcome. We know you can hear because your daddy yelled into my tummy the other day and you went NUTS! I like to think you were giggling in there. 

We can't wait to meet you sweet Hazel, and in the meantime we'll do our best to make a warm and welcoming home for you. 


Your Mommy.


My name is Caroline said...

This is such a sweet, meaningful, glorious letter to your sweet hazel june! Girls are the best! I cannot wait to meet her tiny little self! :)

~lady j said...

I love that our daughters' names are from the same era. And how we picked their names for the exact same reason. (Violet's middle name is Ruth, after my mom.) And how both of our moms make amazing cookies. :)

I can't wait to meet Miss Hazel. :)

Aleta said...

What a beautiful post! I love the name you picked out and how special.