Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Kitchen

I snapped this photo the other day to remind me that the kitchen means something. 

With life crowded by pinterest and blogs that often put us in the business of comparison, this was a sweet moment that reminded me why I cook. This one simple room is important to my home and to my family. Despite if it produces photo worthy food or is well organized, it feeds us. It is where we gather. We put our hands to work here to provide for one another ... for our family ... for our friends ... hopefully, for strangers. This is where we will lay down roots. Baby shower cakes will be made here, cookies for our neighbors, meals for suffering and delighted friends. Hopefully, by God's grace, I'll get to show my children how to cook here. I'll flour their noses and we'll make cakes and cookies together for holidays.

The kitchen reminds me that our every need is provided for and that we are given much more than we deserve. We are blessed by our daily bread.


annie said...

Thank you for this. I've been playing the comparison game a little bit in our search for a rental house, and it's so refreshing to be reminded what's really important, why homes and kitchens and food is really meaningful... not necessarily for how pretty it is, but for who shares it with you.

elizabeth anne logan said...

beautifully written, kara.