Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Husband

Today is Jake's 28th birthday. I love him so much I can just hardly stand it. 

Jake, in honor of your birthday here are 28 random things I just adore about you. 

1. You love Jesus and desperately want people to know and be changed by Him.

2. You love me, despite all my craziness.

3. You tolerate my Anthropologie obsession, and you don't mind that I buy the expensive candles.

4. You are my best friend. Driving around, running errands, taking road trips and evenings laying around the house are all infinitely more fun with you around.

5. You wash dishes and take out the trash. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this. And, you only do it because you know I hate it so much.

6. You write amazing songs and hymns. I really love watching you play, or hearing you strum around on the guitar from another room. It makes my heart all mushy and happy.

7. You are good at cooking the things I'm horrible at. Grilled. Cheese. Master.

8. Jake Gehret & The Brokedown Sound. Need I say more?

9. Ok, I will. I love your over the top dance moves.

10. You are hilarious, and people love to be around you for it. Even though I get on you for making inappropriate jokes sometimes, I'm secretly dying of laughter on the inside.

11. I  really know and believe that you love me and always have my best interest at heart.

12. You make really really good coffee.

12. You make really really good cocktails.

13. You make really really good runny eggs.

14. You are romantic and full of surprises. You take time and plan out dates for us. It is one of my most favorite things. Ever. Ever. Ever.

15. You are INCREDIBLY intelligent.

16. You understand grace and you extend it to me on a daily basis, even thought I don't deserve it one bit.

17. You love community and you take caring for one another seriously. You pray for people and walk through life with them. You make good on your promises.

18. I love that you are over the top silly with me ... crazy dance parties, ridiculous inside jokes, writing horrifying songs in the car together.

19. It's been really cool to see you light up when you talk about our new yard and garden. I'm looking forward to helping you grow food we can enjoy and share with our neighbors.

20. You don't want a dog. Neither do I. Hooray!

21. You make good and wise decisions for your family, and I can trust your leadership.

22. I respect you,  probably far more than I can ever show you. You are a good man and good husband. I really admire you.

23. Your playlists are so great. I'm listening to one right now, actually. Thank you for Spring Mix '12.

24. I love watching you care for people around you. You are such an encouragement, you ask good questions, but you also boldly share the truth of what the Gospel has to say. You say the hard stuff and you say it with deep care.

25. I am a goofus on the roofus hollering my head off. You are one too. 

26. You always have your nose in a book. I'm excited for our kiddos to see that one day and fall in love with reading. 

27.  You understand that some circumstances just call for a fountain soda. They just do.
28. You are my husband, chosen for me by a good and gracious God. I'm forever thankful for that. 

Happy Birthday. Loves!


Steve said...

You guys make my heart happy.

elventryst said...

Lovely, Kara! I love LOVE love number 28.

natalie said...

I call my husband a goofus on the roofus, too :)

annie said...

This made me so happy. Grace-filled, God-honoring, trying-our-hardest marriages do my soul such good. Happy birthday to your husband!

Maya said...

It's inspiring to see how much you love your husband. Very nice post!

Amanda Joy said...

Hahaha how CONVENIENT that my husband's birthday is always 9 days after yours (so I can now steal all your adorable bday ideas!)

Big thumbs up ditto to #23! And overall the sweetest love letter ever.

evie said...

What a sweet post!