Monday, February 6, 2012

Today is my 28th birthday.  I'm not sure how to write about my own birthday, so here are a few random thoughts some birthday related, some not: 

1. I am incredibly blessed to have a husband who puts up with understands my love of celebrations. He totally gets it and it makes me feel over the moon about him. He surprised me with a trip to see Ryan Adams (favorite), we went to a delicious meal with my family, he puts up with me making everything in February birthday related ...

my birthday manicure!
my birthday trip to whole foods!
my birthday nap!

And, today he sent me the most beautiful ranunculus bouquet to my office as a surprise. I am one lucky girl, there is no doubt about that. 

2. It's funny to think about what I used to imagine life would be like in my "late twenties". House, yard, kids, dog. So silly Kara. I'm far more happy with how things are at 28 in reality... a beautiful pet hair free flat in the city and the freedom to explore said city with my friends and husband. 

3. With each year that passes, I find myself with a stronger desire to be creative. I'm working past the thinking that my opportunity for "being an artist" left with college. I'm focusing instead on how to pursue beauty now... making meals meaningful, setting a beautiful table, decorating our home, scattering our table tops with fresh floral arrangements, learning how to use my camera, trying my hand at sketching, and dreaming up what a self-employed career in design would look like.

4. I love community. I love what it means to do life with others by inviting them into my big ol' mess of a heart. I'm forever grateful for how blessed I am by my community and this year I want to learn what it means to intentionally serve them. 

5. One of my dearest friends in the whole wide world is making me a lemon cake tonight. I'm really excited ... like an embarrassing amount.  

6. I love my blog and my blog friends. Thanks for making life that much sweeter. 


Laura said...

Hope you have a great birthday!

Natalie said...

happy happy birthday kara! enjoy that lemon cake tonight :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kara!

Debbie from Illinois