Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Wreath Making Soiree

This past weekend I gathered together some of my favorite gals for a brunch and wreath making extravaganza. It was an absolute blast. I provided the wreath forms and mimosas and the girls brought decorations and food to share. You can see my finished product at the end of this post. I hope this becomes a yearly tradition! How much fun would an ornament or garland party be?!


My husband is creepy.


annie said...

gah! why don't we live in the same town again?? this looks like such fun! i held a craft party a few weeks ago, and it was fun, but i think a couple of the girls got a little stressed when they couldn't finish their craft. i like this idea -- and the ornament one -- since maybe they'd be a little more doable. so fun!

Laurie! said...

What a neat idea for a party!

jill said...

Oh, I love it!! You should create a DIY blog for how to make the basic wreath & post it on pinterest! :) LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!