Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We had a tapas get together last night and it was delightful. 

I made empanadas and spanish roasted almonds. There was baked goat cheese, salad, spoon bread, dip, shrimp, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, champagne sangria and all sorts of yumminess. It was such a low-key and stress free mid week party because everyone brought something and all hands were on deck for clean up. Hooray!

When will I ever learn to take real pictures? I always forget!


Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun night! Love the punch of color the sunflowers add. :)

annie said...

well this looks lovely! wish i could have come! :)

Natalie said...

yesss this was fun! and i will come dine at that beautiful table (food in hand!) ANYTIME :)

evie said...

you have a chalkboard wall?! do you love it? happy you did it?
the menu sounds delicious!