Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Wedding: The Programs

Slowly but surely I'm going to start sharing some glimpses of our wedding. Let's start with the programs.

These were a handmade, hand stamped, hand glued, hand tied labor of love. And, I don't regret it at all. 

The first page had a beautiful quote ... 

"It was as though grace and peace was bestowed on them out of the sanctity of marriage itself, which simply furnished them to one another, free and sufficient as rain to leaf. It was as if they were not making marriage but being made by it, and, while it held them, time and their lives flowed over them, like swift water over stones, rubbing them together, grinding off their edges, making them fit together, fit to be together, in the only way that fragments can be rejoined.” - Wendell Berry

I loved them. 
So much.

One page was graced with the most incredible words 
written by my husband to our guests.

To our friends and family:

It’s hard to find adequate words to express our deep gratitude for your participation in our wedding, as well as your participation in our lives both past and future. Firstly, we want to thank our parents for being incredibly patient, generous, and loving…and for making this day possible. We love you very much and aspire to live up to the standards of dedication and sacrifice that you have modeled for us.  To the rest of our friends and family, we are grateful to each one of you for your love, encouragement, and prayers.  Most of all, we are grateful to God for blessing us with such a rich and beloved community.

We look forward to sharing our lives with you, intertwining our joys and sorrows with yours.  We look ahead expectantly to sharing the delight of delicious dinners, the settled warmth of long conversations that last late into night, the exuberant joys of weddings and newborns.  And we take comfort in knowing that neither you nor we will be alone when the time comes to face unexpected illness, relational hardship, or the death of a loved one.  Today, we say our vows to one another, but we are also making a unified vow to you: we will always be yours just as you are ours.  Thank you for your committed support and love. 

- Jake and Kara


evie said...

if only it were possible to turn back time and become friends with you BEFORE your wedding so that i could have seen this in person! i teared up just at the site of the programs, much less the poetic wording. wow.

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

these are absolutely beautiful programs. thank you for sharing your special day.

Karen said...

I love these and am trying to make something similiar for a friend's wedding. Is there any trick for how you got the stamped bird image to look so good?

Kara Gehret said...

I used a flexible plastic stamp mounted on a block from Michael's. They should have the same one there still, I bet!

Allie Wolf said...

I love these!!! What kind of paper is that and where did u get it? I must recreate these for my wedding!