Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY Garlands, Pennants & Ribbons!

I was bit quite a long time ago by the garland, pennant, and ribbon bug.

There are just so many cute DIY options. It's hard to figure out which one to implement on the big ol' wedding day.

My current loves...

So very very very in love with this ribbon explosion.


I want one of these SO bad. I think you could use it
for so many occasions!


I mean come on, Who doesn't love a fun pennant flag?

(Once Wed)

Can't lie. I've already started making these little pom puff things.

(Once Wed)

This is made with fabric, but I also think it could work with crate paper! I really really really love how fun these are. I need to find a place for these. Perhaps a photo booth background?

(Once Wed)

How's a girl to choose?!


Wild and Precious said...

way super lovely -- its all great. i have now been bit by the bug too!!

p/s/ i just posted a new giveaway :)

A Little McD said...

They're all equally cute...so how do you choose? I'd choose the one that is the most inexpensive to make! :)

Sara said...

Love all the options. But why choose one? Do them all! It's your wedding and if they all make you happy, then do them all!

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

Those are SO cute!!
I love your blog . I could sit and look through the pictures forever. Makes me feel so whimsical and happy and romantic! I'm now a new follower :)