Thursday, June 3, 2010

I love adventures

We are going to San Diego the last week in July.

I seriously can't wait.

So freaking excited for the following things:

- beautiful water

- discovering lil' shops

- non-cheesy local food

- yummy cocktails and glasses of wine

- fish tacos!


What should we see?

Where should we eat?

Who makes delicious drinks?

Where is the best breakfast?

What stores will I melt over?


Just Sweet Love said...

OMG, what part of SD will you be in? Both my sister and brother graduated from UCSD and I've spent time there... let me know what part of SD you'll be and I'll give you a list of my fav shops and restaurants!

so much fun! xo

Natalie said...

oh my gosh, just found out i'm going to be in san diego at the end of july as well. what research have you done? i'm joining ryan on a business trip for a few days and i don't want to miss any of the must-see, must-do, must-eats! :)