Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everything about this is Perfect

I want to escape right into this video.

It is quite simply the most beautiful thing I've seen in awhile.

These people seem incredible.

(And they dress AWESOME)

Thank you Jordyn.

This just made my whole day.


Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

I love that!!

Jessica said...

ok this is really random...

I just clicked over to your blog from one pretty thing and I scrolled down and saw your picture and you look REALLY familiar to me. Did you go to school with Aria Eaton? If so, I think I met you at her house once. If not, I sound crazy. But I like your blog :)

Jessica said...

ok, I just saw your O&S post, that answers my question. I'm Aria's friend from Florida. So weird! And I only saw you because i'm on one pretty thing today too. Oh, cyber-universe.

Inspired Kara said...

Wait are you Jessica who then moved to Nashville?!

Shelly said...

Have been following you for a little while now and want to say thank you for your beautiful photos and your wonderful thoughts. I am in a huge transition in my life right now and it is just one day at a time and I enjoy all the inspiration that others have to share. I use my blog as somewhat of a gratitude journal and as my eye on the prize so to speak and I love women who inspire which in turn empowers others. Many do not realize the impact that they have and I just wanted to share your little impact on me. Thank You and keep sharing those beautiful pics.
Always, Shelly