Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Andes Mint Brownies

You have no excuse not to make these. So easy. So delicious.

Follow this simple equation to make some knock-your-socks-off deliciously minty brownies. You won't regret it, and your friends and family with love you even more than they already do

- Make up 1 box Aldi's Fudge Brownies (I can not overstate how good these are- everyone ALWAYS thinks they are homemade).

- Add a handful (or two- it's ok I promise) of nestle chocolate chunks- Just mix them in the batter.

- Bake the brownies in s 9x9- so they are super thick.

- Take them out of the oven when they are done.

- Immediately completely cover the top with Andes mints (Tip: unwrap them while the brownies are baking- mine took a little over a box).

- Get giddy as the mints melt. Feel free to dance in the kitchen.

- Mush around the melted mints with a spatula. You are "frosting" the brownies with candy. You heard me... FROSTING WITH CANDY!

- Let the brownies cool, and the mint "frosting" harden

... And if it is Valentines Day, or any special occasion

... And if your Valentine, or any special person, happens to LOVE all things mint + chocolate

... Go all out and cut those suckers into the shape of a heart with a giant cookie cuter. You can't get more mushy and gushy and adorable than that, my friends.


A Little McD said...

Making these ASAP! Thanks Kara!

Trina said...

Brownies are my most favoritest dessert ever! Oh now I want one :(

The Working Momma said...

i made these tonight, but instead of unwrapping a million mints, i bought andes mints baking chunks (ok, it was something like can buy them at walmart where the chocolate chips are sold). So it was EVEN EASIER! You just dump the bag around and they melt really fast :) Can't wait to try them in the morning :)