Friday, January 15, 2010

I read this here.

I thought it was incredibly convicting.

So I share...

Sometimes we would prefer to die for Jesus than to live for him. If someone had the power to kill us for our profession of faith, I imagine most Christians would say, "Yes, I am a believer in Jesus Christ," even if it meant death. The threat of torture might make people think twice, but I think most Christians would acknowledge Christ. However, if making a decision for Jesus means that we might spend years being unpopular, ignored, poor, or criticized, then there are masses of Christians who temporarily put their faith on the shelf. "Death is not imminent, so why hurry into a rash decision?" "There will be time later to get things straight with God." In other words, kill me, but don't keep me from being liked, appreciated, or respected.

Edward T. Welch.

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elventryst said...

Hey Lovely-- thanks for your commitment in sharing the truth. I find you to be such an inspiration!