Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, Just Another Year

Here are a few things from this year in no particular order

Most with no particular with meaning

Some for fun

This Year:

- I gained and lost the same ten pounds a handful of times.

- I started a new job. The job I was meant to have. Oh, do I ever love it. I love it!

- I got obsessed with rosettes, fabric flowers, embroidery and glitzy embellishments. I guess I'm like a cat, or a small child, I like shiny blingy things.

- I didn't move (this is a fist in the past 6 years).

- I started a ton of books, I finished slim to none.

- I fell back in love with music .

- I fell even further in love with fountain soda.

- Speaking of drinks, I'm liking black coffee... another first.

- I went to ten, yep TEN, weddings. My best friend was one of them. I love her. LOVE HER.

- I cultivated a more adventurous, less-anxious, and spontaneous spirit. I like it.

- Love came around.

- Food obsessions included, but were not limited to: goat cheese, candy canes, any and everything pumpkin, smores, popsicles, cucumbers, PBJ, gingersnaps, and curry.

- The Avett Brothers blew up all over my ipod.

- I reunited with one of my dearest friends after a 2-year estrangement. That was freaking glorious. God is so good.

- My favorite measuring spoon broke .

- I talked about learning to sew, oh about 18 thousand times, I learned to sew zero times.

- God ignited in me a passion for His word and has been sanctifying the crap out of me. It's just an incredible feeling to walk along side God being led by his spirit in the present, not just seeing where he has been in hindsight.

- I had a really hard time part of the time. I had a really great time part of the time. I had a consistently content and joyous time all of the time, even in the dark... hard... cry in your pillow times. For that, I'm the most thankful.

Cheers to remembering what made 2009 the year it was.

And here goes dreaming up what 2010 will be...



Anonymous said...

I just brought my sewing machine back from Arizona. Perhaps it will be an addition to Domestic Day Activites

RebaK said...
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RebaK said...

Oh Kara... I love your posts even though they make me sad that I don't have the pleasure of being with you ALL the time anymore. I love hearing what God is doing in your life. I'm so happy that you kept pursuing your dream. I got a feeling that 2010 will be a amazing year! Hugs,

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

That was a great post Kara. You are also a talented writer.

Trina said...

A great year indeed :)