Monday, February 16, 2009

I love you a LATTE....

Sometimes it really pays to know people.

Really really awesome people. 

Really really awesome people who share your love for caffeine people.

Really really awesome Starbucks-employed people. 

At work today, my friend Katie delivered me this little gem.....

Yes, peoples, that is a DIY latte

She was getting off work, decided to deliver me a coffee treat. She didn't know what kind I wanted so she assembled me up a little latte kit. One regular latte. Three little syrup filled cups as flavor options:


I'm not gonna lie. I may just mix a few together and see how it tastes. 

Is this not the most awesome pick-me-up present ever!!! This is just what I needed for my case of the Mondays.

Katie, I love you a LATTE!!!!!

How are you celebrating President's Day?

Come back and see me!


Lindsey said...

Aww what a fun friend!! Enjoy your treat!

Trina said...

How nice! I will admit, I am a tiny bit jealous...ok, alot jealous!

leaca said...

that is very cool.

AndreaLeigh said...

now that is a great friend. ;)

Julia said...

Starbucks makes EVERYTHING better, my dear. In fact, I'm sitting at the old SB right now as we speak:)

Abby said...

that was sweet! that is so nice. I love starbuck's chai latte. yum!

Tausha said...

You have very good friends!!!
I would be looking for some yummy chocoalte for her! they have it 50% off everywhere. Even green peanut mm's that you could use for decor for st patricks day!
I am having a giveaway. Come and see!

Mrs. Nurse said...

Yummy! I also loved the cards in your last post. I saw the cutest card the other day in the store. They were vintage too. It had an old couple. The old man was in his boxer and tube socks with his back to you. The old lady had a hand full of his rear-end and it said "Your My Main Squeeze!" It was precious :)

Katie said...

You're welcome!!!

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Is there a way to make a latte that doesn't taste like coffee? Serious question!!! The idea of a latte sounds soooo yummy to me (and I love the smell of coffee), but the taste of coffee isn't to my liking.

~ Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi! I drop in from time to time and I had to comment on this. That is about the best little prize I can imagine. Great idea to tickle someone with a little caffinated joy!
Robin Rane'
All Things Heart and Home

Kasey said...

now that's a friend.

Caroline said...

How sweet of her!