Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Bags are Packed....

It has been a VERY busy week. 

I'm throwing my best friend a bridal shower on Saturday in Nashville. 

This is the first wedding I've ever been. My first shower I've ever thrown...

And, well, I may have gone a little detail crazy. 

But my bags are packed, loaded up, and I'm ready to head down south after work today to throw my best friend a beautiful shower. I hope she loves every second of it! Aria is an amazing friend and she deserves one heck of a party! 

And, of course, I can't wait to share all the details with each and every one of you. You're going to love some of the stuff I've been cooking up!! Seriously, I need to do this event planning stuff for a living. Can anyone help me? How do I make it happen?

Side note...

Dear Mr Man in the old red Saab driving next to me on my way to work today, 

It is weird, odd, and not a REAL workout to do hand grip exercises as you drive to work in the morning using one of these....

And, please don't have a facial expression that makes you look like you are pumping heavy iron at the gym. You are doing hand grip exercises.... in your car.... weird. 

I'll be back on Monday!

Come back and see me!


Megan said...

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Oh.My.Word--you should have gotten a picture of that guy--that is HILARIOUS!!

Caroline said...

You changed your blog! SO cute!
Hope you have fun! WOW i am impressed! hostin ga bridal party!! thats exciting!

elventryst said...

Good luck with everything! I tagged your blog for an award.