Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weird Bloggy Habits

I have a few weird blogging habits.

Here is one I noticed tonight.

I get really unjustifiably excited when "word verification" sounds like a real word, or is something I can easily pronounce. Then I proceed to go ahead and read it aloud.

What are your weird blog habits?

Come back and see me!
Update: Just this morning I had a word verification come across that said "wishies" I love wishies!!


Julia said...

Ha. That is a great one, those word verifcation thingies drive me nuts! Especially the ones I can't read and then I have to do it again.

Is that a new header I see? Love it.

Lynn said...

I always click on the names of comments to see the site of the person who wrote it. Often that includes my own, just to see if the link works.

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage said...

I turn down my speakers because I don't like to hear the music on each seperate blog...even though I like music...

KGW said...

Hey SITSTA! When I first started my blog, the titles of my post were always written in the form of a question. I thought that was annoying, so I've tried to mix it up.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

That is hilarious. I get all excited when it spells a real word, as if that saves me valuable time or something!

Trina said...

Hi, I found you thru Ragamuffin Soul. I love your blog. The post about your dream wedding was lovely.

I love when I get real words too. On a comment I just posted I got: gration

Ok, maybe it's not really a word, but could be the ending to a word LOL

I'll be visiting again :)

melissa said...

Blogger and I have not been friends lately. I have major issues with the spacing between the pictures and the words and trying to get it to look right. I can't remember any of the word verification words, but I love getting one that semi-makes sense. :) I also love having my posts publish at 5 a.m. Weird.

Katie said...

Why the crap do they call it word verification when it isn't a word at all... I always get mad when I see it.

so, that's not really a habit as it is an annoyance.

angela | the painted house said...

I totally was planning this post written with those word verification words--I kept a list by my computer for the most interesting ones...then I lost it and subsequently lost the motivation for what could have been the best post ever--ha! Yesterday I had "bless" how nice is that?