Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goin' to the Chapel

Sorry I have been MIA. I just returned from the oh-so-beautiful up state New York to visit my best friend TK. She is getting Married in June. So, we put our Labor Day weekend to good work and got crack-a-lackin' on wedding plans.

Again, my Google reader is OUT OF CONTROL PEOPLE!!!

Boy, did we get a lot accomplished. We found her dress, veil and even shoes and our bridesmaid dresses, which I just adore. The girl has the perfect wedding dress body and just looked great in every single one!

We also spent a good two hours at Micheal's and figured out supplies for the programs, invitations, found adorable antique-ish picture frames as favors, and put together her centerpieces.

As we were looking for the perfect color of mocha ribbon to wrap around her centerpiece candle, I looked up and saw the most adorable poster for a craft idea:

Ribbon Topiaries! Am I real late to hop on this train?! Boy are these suckers ADORABLE!!!!

The lovely blogger, Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls, recently posted a topiary she had made that looks quite similar to the one in the Michael's poster

We are going to make two of these to put on the place card table. I am also going to make several of these ribbon balls in her colors to hang from the tree she will be getting married under. We will then use those lil' ribbon balls to hang on the back of the chairs at the table for the wedding party.

I think I will make a test one this weekend in fall ribbon. What a fun project!!!

Here's a rough estimate of her color scheme. Our dresses our Mocha, she will use green and pinks in her flowers and decorations, and the guys will be wearing chocolate brown tuxes. I think it will be just beautiful!!

Have any of you made a ribbon topiary?

What is your favorite wedding centerpiece idea?

Come back and see me!


Betsy said...

Wow, you got a lot accomplished in one weekend! It sounds like it's going to be a really pretty wedding..

Marie said...

I've never heard of a ribbon topiary! It's adorable!

My google reader is out of control too. Some days I know I'm insanely behind and I avoid it like the plague.

Good luck with all the wedding decor. Wow! Sounds like a lot to do!

Megan said...

I have never heard of a ribbon topiary either, but as far as my favorite centerpiece-- I have seen someone put a fish bowl (like a pretty glass one, not a plastic one) -and with a pretty fish of course- and matched little rocks to the wedding colors. It was really pretty. Of course they didn't want 25 fish so there was a sticker on the bottom of a chair, and that person got to take the fish and bowl home or could give it to someone else. It came with a little bag of fish food. It was really cute!!

Laurie said...

You use Google Reader too? We must start sharing with each other! I love that thing!