Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family. Love.

This is my grandma.

She is Beautiful.

I love her sooooo much.

I wish I lived closer.

She makes the best fried apple pies.

...the best biscuits

...the best pinto beans

...the best "crispy on the outside" cornbread

...the best fried potatoes

...the best pumpkin pie

...the BEST mashed potatoes

...and most importantly, they are all made with love.

What are your favorite family foods?

Come back and see me!


Lara said...

My grandmother (my dad's mom) was known for her interesting (read as awful) cooking experiments. From MaMa we had hard as rock stuffing balls, egg nog that you could literally eat with a spoon, and her notorious spam creations. BUT...MaMa made THE best sugar cookies that I have ever eaten, hands down. Did we eat the egg nog? Yes. Did we wash down the stuffing balls with her cranberry frape's? Yes! But we would have knock down drag out fights over who got the last sugar cookie. Mmmm--ade with love!

Btw, this reminds I wanted to start a blog at some point about my family's awful cooking. My mother had some really bad cooking experiments, too!

Marie said...

What a sweet post! My grandma was not a cook. Or a baker. She grew up in Brooklyn and she was great a take out. lol I don't have warm fuzzy food memories of her, as you can imagine. Except for Entemann's coffee cake. She'd buy one every Saturday for after shopping. favorite family foods? Krumkake- it's a Norwegian cookie my mom makes. Her grandma made them and she made them for her kids. Yummy!

Katie said...

Oh goodness... my grandma (on my mom's side) makes the best freezer slaw (recipe on my blog), the best strawberry jam, applesauce to kill for, and corn that will make you trip your brother on the way to the table. All made with love and with produce from Grandpa's garden (grown with love).

There's also my mom's cheese soup, Jo's deviled eggs (we literally have to limit each person to two), and Steve's whiskey sours.

On the other side, grandma wasn't so good. She would make chili then freeze the left overs to use as the "base" for the next batch. You also never knew what was in it since it was a dumping ground for all left overs. Needless to say, we never ate at her house!

ps... sorry for the longest comment in history!

duchess said...

I love my mom's chicken & pastry (that may be chicken & dumplings to some). Now that I think about it, my BigMama made the best homemade spagetti sauce and vegetable soup. Yum.

Now I want to fire up the crock pot.

Tricia Anne said...

My Grandma is my kindred spirit, though she passed away several years ago. She was the very best Grandma in the world and baked the most delicious cookies. I was trying to think of a real favorite food that our whole family enjoys. I make a kind of enchilada stack hat everyone loves. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Megan said...

You made me SO hungry with all of the things your grandma cooked... I LOVE food. Especially southern country food. mmmm. I am so suprised that I am not 50 feet wide because I am always eating. :0)