Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yep, I'm Obsessed

With this fabulous chair in the front right of the picture...

The pattern is a little more wild than my usually taste, but I LOVE it. Hmmmm. I wonder if they make that sucker in shower curtain form? I must find out.

Now, don't only be distracted by then gem in the front. That yellow chair in the middle is GEOURGOUS!!

I love you Pottery Barn.

Come back and see me!


Jenke said...

That chair would look FAB-O in my living room. Granted I would have to get a new rug...but WHO CARES. Love, love it!!

Jenke said...

OH and jenke is Jennifer case you didn't know :)

Tricia Anne said...

I just received this catalog on Saturday. I love the crispness of the patterns! I would settle for a yard of that fabric! :o)
~Tricia Anne

Marie said...

You and I are going to be best friends, I can tell! lol