Friday, July 11, 2008

For the Love of Toenails

Yep. I love a pedicure. I love how great the paint looks when you are finished, I love the brief leg massage. I love it all. Luckily, because I was given a gift certificate, this week I was able to hit up a fancy schmancy day spa and get a "spa pedicure." This meant they rubbed your feet for longer, slathered you down in raspberry sugar scrub and fixed you up with booties, yes booties.

Behold the bootie glory:

They dipped our feet in this deliciously hot peach vanilla wax, then put what looked like a roasting bag on your foot, then the lovely terrycloth bootie. I found it extremely hilarious. However, it did make my feet feel fabulous. Don't mind the cankles.

I picked polish "number 27" for a redish pink. Sorry for the low quality picture, but you get the idea: adorable toes!

On a completely unrelated beauty note, I'm turning into my mother. See those little dark spots on my hands, those kind of frecklish guys? Those are my first sun/age spots. My mother is covered in them. Her dermatologist said it is genetic, so I apparently decided to hop on the spot train!

These popped up on my FIRST day on vacation. What the heck? Yes, I may have cried when I saw them appear.

Quite the random post, but hey so was my week!

Come back and see me!


Susie Harris said...

Hi Kara.. I found you at Jo Jos place... You make me want to go and get a pedicure... Ohhh I love those things... Have a good weekend! Susie H~

Kara said...

haha you said bootie...more than once...

Tricia Anne said...

I am 39 years old and I STILL have never had a pedicure! I would love to have one! :o) I have always done a home version, so pretty toes in my sandals and soft feet too. How I would love for someone else to do it for me though. Sounds like a nice summer treat. :o) Will need to call for an appointment!!
~Tricia Anne