Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Roundup

What a great weekend! Celebrating the 4th is a wonderful part of the summer, and here in the STL, we just so happened to have delightful weather. I figured I'd update you on the weekend's oh-so-lame festivities, and throw in some cuteness for some Kara flavor.

Fourth of July

I spent the day working on, and installing my headboard project, then it was time for the fun of the weekend to begin!

My roommate-to-be Kodi and I had a good one at the Tim McGraw concert. Kenny Chesney made an appearance and they even had fireworks. It was a serious BLAST! I met a lot of Kodi's friends. They were a great group. I love a good nine dollar bud light and some country music :)


I cleaned the very very very grimy cabinets at the new apartment. This took WAY too long. I congratulated myself on the effort with a hot dog from Quick Trip.

Saturday night was AWESOME. My parents went to a party I decided not to attend so I camped out on the couch, organized all my digital photos. Next step, getting a bunch printed. This girls wants to start puttin some memories in albums and frames. The same evening I also watched Steel Magnolias for the very first time in my life. My opinions follow:

1. I sobbed. We're not talking a tear falls from the eye typical sad movie situation, but all out blubbering mess.

2. I'm consequently currently obsessed with the name Shelby

3. I wish I was southern

4. My first grade love for Dolly came rushing back. (Yes, I was obsessed with Dolly Parton as a young girl)

5. Really. Good. Movie.

After the movie I hit the bed.


I went to church and enjoyed a great sermon on our problem, as Americans, with materialism. We always want more, more, more. It made me take a good look at where I'm spending my money and how I can live more simply.

After a dinner with family friends, my mom and I hit the Tivo for the latest episode of Design Star on HGTV. I love this show. But, I'm a sucker for all things reality television. This week, two teams each re-designed a suite at the Opryland Hotel inspired by country music star (and Missourian) Sara Evans. She is totally Shabby Chic and I loved every single inch of her home that they showed. She also replaced all the doors in her home with old doors, which I adored.

I thought both suites looked AMAZING. However, my favorite was definitely the wining team.

Here's some eye candy:

This is from the suite that lost. However, I still love it!

This was the winning suite. I love the couch and pillows, the wall color, love it all!

I also just adore these headboards made out of two old doors and Piece of old trim. How great does that look! Also, please get a good look at that 100% fabulous turquoise chest between the beds. My heart just skipped a beat:

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend. I got a lot accomplished and got a lot of relaxing in too. I hope you all did the same!

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Layla said...

I'm with you girl, reality t.v. is my favorite! :-)
Loved the winning teams room, but I like the other team members better in general. Go Matt! :-)

Kara said...

You've been tagged! (check out my last blog...)