Monday, June 30, 2008

Headboard Project- Part One

I'm moving in a couple of weekends. Every time I move is time for a bedroom makeover. So, I set out to do a classy/cottage/shabby/adorable room. My first task for my makeover was selecting the perfect light blue, but not too blue, and not too baby shade of light blue. It was difficult. But thank God for Laura Ashley and her darling designer colors at Lowe's.

With paint color out of the way, it's on to my new headboard. Watching HGTV compulsively can give a girl a few too many ideas. When I saw them make a headboard out of an old mantel, I was sold. So, off to craigslist I went. I scored a full wood mantel for a hundred bucks and set out to make it cottage-chic.I'm in the final stage of upholstering this weekend. I'll shoot up some final pics when it's all done.

Here's the progress so far. I'll try by best to be as step-by-step as possible.

This is the Mantel. I painted it "Fence Post" white. You can also see that my Dad and BF added three pieces of ply wood to the inside of the mantel. This will hold an upholstered piece of fabric.

This is the plywood cut to fit the opening of the Mantel. This will be upholstered and the bed will scoot on up all cozy against it. Use the cheap stuff, no need to break the bank if you are just going to cover it.

We created these lil box guys to add some height to the headboard. They will be primed and painted the same color of white, which is a WONDERFUL shade by the way. Not too chalky, not too ivory.

The plywood piece will then get a good coat of spray adhesive and this ball of foam will soon be spread out nice and flat across the plywood, providing some nice bedtime reading cushiony goodness. I will then cover the foam-stuck plywood with batting, and then fabric.

TIP: Foam is very expensive by the yard at the craft store. This plywood piece is almost 6 foot x 4 foot. That's a lot of foam. We're talking 15.99/yard and 3-4 yards needed. Big Bucks. So, my mom and I had the great idea to search the dorm section of Target for cheap foam bed toppers. SCORE! We were able to cut this XL twin topper to fit perfectly for only $19.99 total. A good deal just makes me want to go have a snow cone, or something equally as celebratory!

This is my favorite part. GET A LOAD OF THIS FABRIC!!! I love love love you Waverly. This great upholstery fabric (the kind that comes on the big rolls) was 40% off at my local fabric store. I feel in love instantly.

Here it is all laid out tablecloth style so you can get a good look at its gorgeousness. This pattern will be spread tightly across the foam board, and inserting into the Mantel opening. Think about how much this fabric will pop against the white mantel. I'm getting all giddy just thinking about it!

I can't wait to show you guys the finished product!

Come back and see me!


Julia said...

It's going to be FAB! I made one back in February [blog archives show pics] and I love it. can't wait to see final pictures!

The Momma said...

i'm jealous of your ability to paint and decorate in your apartment...we didn't think we'd live here for as long as we have, but it just doesn't feel like "home" anyway. josh and i are both obsessed with looking up house listings, and we're going to make a serious effort this year to start saving moolah for our future house. i look forward to creating a home that looks more like a home and less like a college dorm...and hopefully you'll be close by so you can help! i love that you are going to be so close...can't wait to see your new place!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I'm impressed this is going to look amazing! I LOVE the mantel. Where are you garage saling? I need to go. You have again inspired me! Good luck and can't wait to see the final project!Reba

Laurie said...

Where are you moving? I'm jealous of your decorating abilities!!

When Mike and I can finally afford a house, will you come to New Jersey and be my interior decorator? I am so decorationally-challenged, it's not funny. lol. okay, I just "lol'd" so maybe it is.