Thursday, November 1, 2012


I had very high hopes for our first Halloween in our home. Tons of cute little kiddos, meeting our neighbors, lots and lots of candy. I even decorated up the porch a bit ..... excessively to try and entice those cutie little costumed kiddos our way.

There were tons of candles lighting the way to our door. But, sadly, the crowds where pretty thin. We had EIGHT kids total. EIGHT! I had such high hopes for our little neighborhood with the big park. Where are all those trick-or-treaters?! I've decided they retreat to other parts of the city for their sweets.


This means a couple of things: 

1. I'm sad for our neighborhood. I'm already brainstorming ways we can get folks out of their house and hanging out together next Halloween. We met two really great couples from up the street last night. I want to meet more. 

2. My candy consumption is about to become embarrassing.  Two big bags full of candy + 8 trick-or-treaters = uh oh.

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween filled with lots of Twix and cute costumes!

P.S. Please excuse my dead and dying mums above. I just can't grow plants. I just can't.


annie said...

My husband will be relieved to know I'm not the only one who becomes a little desperate for trick-or-treaters every Halloween. :) This is our first year we've ever had any. We wound up giving out all of our candy (!!), but things started slow, and I was panicking. Like you, we're trying to meet people in our neighborhood, and I think this was a start. (Also? I cannot keep a plant alive to save my life.)

AKM said...

I LOVE your stained glass window! I would come there for candy! :-)