Thursday, April 19, 2012


This song is SO GOOD.

Abraham was scared to die, forsook his wife within a lie
I think I know the reason why; cause he was made of dirt
Joseph's coat was full of pride, the blood of goats won't wash you white if I was his brother, 
I'd have lied and left him in the dirt

Moses never entered in to land he thought was promised him; 
he took his people 'round again to pick manna from the dirt
Solomon became so wise with many wifes and concubines, 
he fell for every single lie, yeah, his head was full of dirt

David's where I got my name, abusing power, abusing fame 
he stole a girl, her husband slain, left six feet in the dirt
and peter fell to his own shame, denied his love, denied his name, 
he ran away when the people came to nail him to the dirt
Samson only thought it fair to let that witch come cut his hair 
and look through eyes no longer there as he crushed them in the dirt
and paul would sit upon his throne 
and kill us with the biggest stones and wrestle with a thorn unknown, 
a thorn up from the dirt

but if the nations had a father, 
then joseph would redeem his brother, 
moses held the waters up, 
david would become your love, 
solomon would build the temple, 
samson came to destroy evil, 
peter soon became the rock 
and paul would lead the roman flock 

and it's all that I can do 
to keep my eyes off You, 

and it's all that You can do 
to keep me, keep me, keep me new

All that I can see is that You can't see the dirt in me
all that I can see is that You can't see the dirt in me
all that I can see is that You can't see the dirt in me
and all that I can see is You

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