Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project LIfe: Week 10

I've started a new adventure. 

I'm documenting each week with Project Life, and so far I LOVE it. Yes, I'm starting three months into the year, but I gave myself permission to say, "who cares?!" If I have time to work backwards through the weeks, I will. If I don't, I don't. I'm honestly amazed by how much I am loving working on our book.  I never really thought scrapbooking was for me, but I was wrong. This weekly system makes it really simple. 

At first i thought, "do I need to have kids?" Then, i decided that was just ridiculous. I'm really looking forward to having physical documentation of our life together that doesn't disappear into twitter feeds and facebook statuses, and I'm hoping to develop good memory keeping habits for the future. I've never scrapbooked before, so this is new to me, but I'm finding that I really enjoy the creative outlet.

Here's a peek at my week 10 pages. Sorry for the low res iPhone pictures, but you get the idea. 

To start Project Life, I purchased a binder, a multi-pack of page protectors and a box of 3x4 grid journaling cards. The rest I kind of just made up on my own. I used leftover office tags we used as RSVP cards from our wedding to journal a bit on, and cut kraft card stock to size to include a blog post, quote, and decorative card. I used some striped paper and paper doilies I had laying around as well. I used InDesign to layout my printed pieces.

I love how the pocket format encourages you personalize each week and keep mementos that are meaningful to your family. My husband is a worship leader, so I've decided to journal what songs and hymns he leads us in each week.  I cut out a section of a helpful questionnaire from a marriage conference we attended, and included an event ticket from seeing Tony Hale speak. And, you can't document Tony Hale without including a nod to Buster Bluth!

Are you using Project Life? Another scrapbook? What are your favorite sources of inspiration and products?


natalie said...

without even being able to see all the details, I can tell how gorgeous and honest your book is... just lovely!

Laurie! said...

Go you! If you have any questions about scrapbooking (techniques/supplies/whatever), let me know! It's always great to see someone else (especially someone my age) get involved in scrapping.

And NO, you don't have to have kids to scrapbook. People ask me that all the time, like, without kids what do you scrapbook? Uh, LIFE!!!! So go for it! Can't wait to see more from your Project Life book.

Beth Holmes said...

Thanks for sharing your pages. I love this project too and am actually doing it for the second year.

Amrita Rawat said...

That looks great! I'm sorry to hear about your mom; my mom was also diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago and is slowly getting through the chemo. Feel free to contact me if you ever need to talk :)