Friday, February 10, 2012

DIY Valentine's Day Garland

This really may be the simplest DIY of all time. I think this took me about 5 minutes total to put together and hang up. Let's be honest, It probably doesn't even justify a "DIY Post", but with so many adorable garlands making their way around the web it's nice to have one you can knock out in a few minutes and call it a day. 

Kara's 5 Minute DIY Valentine's Day Garland:

1. Get some cheap paper valentines day heart doilies. You can get these at any craft store for around 2 bucks for a pack of 25 or so. I had these left over from some bridal shower invites I made several years ago. 

2. Grab some twine or string. Baker's twine is cute!

3. Thread the string through the holes that already exist on the paper doilies.

4. Hang that sucker up and smile every time you walk by!

Have you been decorating for Valentine's Day?

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Anonymous said...

Super cute!

Debbie from Illinois