Friday, January 6, 2012


We bought a beautiful new grey mid century style sofa and it is being delivered this Saturday. I'm so stinkin' excited. 

We've been living with old puffy couches with white slip covers. If any of you have lived with slip covers, you understand just how much I'm rejoicing over never having to deal with them again.

We opted to get rid of our loveseat, so I've been chair hunting for quite some time. My favorite was this vintage reproduction from Urban Outfitters. After admiring it online, they finally got one in our store. We found it to be a bit rickety and overpriced for the quality. 

So imagine my excitement when I walked into the antique store by my  house last night on a whim and found this beautiful vintage mid century chair for less than half the price of the one from Urban. 

I love the color. 

It's super sturdy. 

... And comfortable! 


Turns out the guy who owns this booth had brought this in only an hour before I got there and the staff at the antique mall was taking bets on how fast it would sell. Talk about perfect timing!

I can't wait to start putting our "new" living room together!

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My name is Caroline said...

oolala! I actually like the vintage one BETTER! :) Funny how that happens.