Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Sofa

We've been hunting around for a new sofa for quite awhile. 

We love the clean lines of the Mid Century Modern styles, but they can get a bit pricey. 

I found this sofa on Craigslist today for $450. It has the original upholstery, but brand new cushions underneath! I don't love the color, and would like to have it recovered with grey. Does anyone have experience with having a sofa recovered? Any clue on what it would cost? 


elventryst said...

No experience recovering a sofa, but lots of (amazing) women I know have undertaken the task themselves and had considerable success. My mom is one of them. So it is doable. Also, where I live, you can take your furniture to the local prison, and the prisoners reupholster it for a low price. It's their skill. I wonder if there's something like that in your neck of the woods? Two of my friends have sofas like the one in your picture, and they are very lovely.

burab said...

If you like that, check out the Henry sofa at West Elm. Satisfied in price, style and comfort!