Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sprucin' Up.

I'm continually working on making our little flat more of a home.  It's important to settle in and feel comfortable no matter how long you're planning to be in your current home. I think it brings peace, at least for me. 

I've been slow to hang up decor and organize our bedroom, but this week I've been tackling little projects here and there. Some are super visible, and some are just making sure the drawers are in order. Both make you instantly feel better about the state of your home. I just love our little place. 

Here are a few things I've been up to lately: 

I hung up some vintage frames and a mirror above my dresser, and organized all those drawers underneath. I guess I should have moved my ugly hamper out of the shot, but oh well, that's real life. 

I took another vintage frame that just has been sitting in a "do something with me someday" pile and decided to utilize the missing back and hang my most frequently used necklaces and glasses on the wire. This took all of about 10 seconds to complete and instantly made a huge difference. 

I also spruced up my look a bit with new highlights and new bangs. I miss my bangs when they are gone. One day I'll learn to go in between full cuts and colors and get my bangs trimmed. Someday.

What small victories have you had lately in making your house a more cozy home? Do share!

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Blake Elizabeth said...

Kara, I love your little home!! And I actually did notice that cute picture frame/necklace holder the other day when you were showing me your new couch. So, so cute.