Saturday, July 23, 2011

Peach, Mozzarella and Prosciutto Salad

It's hot here.

Like over 100 degrees, heat index at 115 hot. 

So, this salad is perfect. Flavorful peaches, fresh crisp mint, salty prosciutto ... yum. 

Jamie Oliver's Peach and Prosciutto salad with Mozzarella:
3 ripe peaches, quartered and peeled. You remove the skins my slicing an X in the top of and boiling for 30 seconds. Skins will come right off.
1 large ball of Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese
1 bag of mixed lettuce leaves
4 slices (approx.) thinly sliced Prosciutto ham, torn into 3 lengths
a small bunch of mint
olive oil
balsamic vinegar

Place the mixed leaves in a large salad bowl and top with quartered peaches. Tear the ball of Mozzarella into bite size pieces (tearing looks much better than slicing) and place around the peaches. Drape the Prosciutto on top of everything and sprinkle with a few mint leaves. Drizzle the olive oil and Balsamic vinegar around the bowl and lightly toss. Easy!


Northwest Texas said...

This looks wonderful. Do you suppose I could substitute another herb for the mint? My husband is not fond of mint. I love your photos!

Ashley said...

Yum! I totally want to make this. Great photos!

Sarah Guild said...

Inspired Kara... my house NEEDS some inspired Kara. Seriously, if you and Jake are ever this way, please consider coming to my house and helping me. I don't like to do it myself, but I so enjoy living in a place with some personality. We are also willing to be your first customers in the Inspired Kara decorating business.

Anonymous said...

I made this for my daughter's baptism -- such a wonderful summer salad. Thanks for the tip!