Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Fridge

Our fridge makes me so happy right now. 

Happy enough to blog about it!

Just look at all the goodness on here. I love having such creative friends.

We've been getting more and more REAL invitations, and I just love it. I get happy every time I walk in our kitchen. 

The whole spread.

Darling Kentucky Derby Invites from Allie Ruth Design!

The most adorable birthday invites ever. They are coasters!

Do you have Penzy's? I love this bumper sticker they give you. Below that is my meal planning chart. I should probably blog about that.

It's the little things, right?


A Little McD said...

I just started reading "The Joy of Cooking" going cover to cover. I used to use it as my cooking reference/encyclopedia/go-to book, and now it's my fun reading. I may be a closet foodie. :)

Ashley said...

BLOG ABOUT THE MEAL PLANNING CHART. lol. No pressure...clearly. ;)

I can see why your fridge brings you happiness.

Luisa said...

wow i really love your fridge and that sticker please blog about that :) thanks

Natalie said...

totally want to steal that coaster invitation idea! :)