Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have gained SO much weight since our wedding. Like a serious amount.

Now, I'll be honest, there has been a lot of food, a lot of Easter candy, and very little exercise involved. Like almost none.

I finally bought a scale last night, which was a mistake. And, I may have had a little bit of a girly breakdown about it (Lord, help my husband).

Here's the deal: 

I have not really found any exercise I enjoy. I can make myself do it to not get any fatter, but it's a daily struggle. It always has been for me and always will be. 

But here's the bigger deal: 


I used to be able to just hop on a diet and loose several pounds. I had no issue eating tasteless bread, fake butter, pre-packaged and frozen meals, fat free and melt-less cheese ... all with very little calories. 

But, the more I've grown to love food and cooking, the more that kind of eating seems absolutely impossible. I can lose weight eating "healthy" calorie free food. But that's not really healthy at all, and it tastes like crap. 

I like olive oil, not cooking spray. 
I like real butter, not gross fake margarine. 
I like REAL bread, like with substance. 
I like prosciutto and pancetta and bacon.
I  love goat cheese, not Laughing Cow cheese.
And, burgers.
Heavy cream makes things taste more delicious.
I love baking. It's my favorite thing to do. 
Flax seed doesn't actually taste good.

Cooking boneless skinless chicken breasts and steamed broccoli every night sounds absolutely miserable to me. I love cooking. I love challenging my skills. I love trying out new recipes, and I like them to TASTE GOOD.

I like REAL food.

So, what's a girl to do? I know the answer is more fruits and veggies, but it's just HARD!

So, I need help. What have you been cooking lately that is nourishing, but still tastes good?

What can I make that is  NOT a baked boneless, skinless chicken breast?

Any of you foodies with me? Or, am I crazy? 

How do we balance a love for GOOD food and cooking GOOD meals with feeding our bodies well and not getting fatter?

Sorry for the brain dump. It's just all there is to talk about today. 


Laurie! said...

My husband and I cook the same meals we always have but I had to start eating my meals off a salad plate to watch my portions. That's really what it's all about. My husband can consume gobs of food - seconds, thirds, and ice cream for dessert - without gaining a pound but I can't. I don't have time to exercise any more than I already do (which is sometimes never) so portion control it is. I can still eat the things I love but just not as much. And it's still satisfying.

jenny said...

oh its such a hard balance! i completely know how you feel!! I think sometimes its okay to splurge you know?? But then most of the time... i try to cook things "lighter". but i'm nooooo expert that is for sure!

Lauren (Healthy Delicious) said...

popping out of lurkdom because this is kind of my specialty. :)

I'm the same way: loathe exercise (I don't get people that run for fun - they are crazy!) and I love good, REAL food. With food, I've come to the realization that for me what works best is to only eat what tastes amazing. Yes, it means eating olive oil and cheese and steak.(Let that sink in for a second haha) It also means not "wasting" calories on stuff that tastes just "meh". Basically if it isn't awesome, I'm not going to bother with it. And obviously, I keep portion sizes in mind when I eat the good stuff. (Tried and true recipes are on my blog)

I've also found that I love to ride my bike. I seriously HATE everything else (even just going for walks)... so keep trying different activities and maybe you'll find one that you don't hate so much?

Laura said...

Melissa gave me your blog and the more I read it the more I like you and think we should probably hang out. Ha.
A good friend of mine gave me the book, "Eat Fat, Loose Fat". It talks about your body needing saturated fats to nourish you brain, heart, nerves, hormones, and every cell and by meeting those need your body will have the nutrients it needs to loose wait and feel satiated. That was good news for me because I love to cook good food, real food.
Also, I kinda love Zumba. It's just fun. I only wish it were on a beach in South America, that would really top it off.

Laura said...

I really like roasting a big batch of vegetables with a drizzle of olive oil and sea salt and pepper. I eat them throughout the week, and it is much easier than eating raw veggies.

I'm also a huge fan of soup. It is general not as high in calories, especially if it is broth based, and had a decent amount of veggies.

Courtney said...

I have the same struggle! If you can figure something out please share!!!

Leah said...

Do you have a Pure Barre in your area? It might be your exercise solution! I am hooked. It hits all problem areas woman have.
And as far as diet...I agree...I like all those foods too and I believe they are healthier for us than all that low fat crap. I like Real Food by Nina Planck...its a good book on how we should eat.

Natalie's Life said...

I am totally there with you. I have become more and more of a foodie and have gained a lot of weight since I got married over 6 years ago. I was so skinny then, I could kick myself for thinking I was fat.

One of my new favorite recipes is Picadillo tacos. You can use any meat or you could just use lots of veggies, like extra bell peppers, onions, sauted mushrooms ... whatever.

- Steak, chicken, seafood or tofu
- bell pepper, in strips + other veggies if you want
- one can of diced tomatoes with green peppers
- 1/2 a small can of tomato paste
- 1/2 c coarse chopped pimento-stuffed green olives
- 1/4 c raisins, chopped
- to taste: Cumin and Allspice

Saute the meat and/or veggies in a little olive oil (good fat!) til cooked to preference. Add the tomatoes and tomato paste, olives and raisins and cook down for a few minutes. Add the seasonings to taste as well as coarse salt.

Grill some small corn tortillas in a dry pan over medium heat - no butter or oil needed for this step - til they are soft.

Sprinkle fresh chopped cilantro over the tacos and EAT! These are really good with a Budweiser Select 55 (55 calories per bottle).

There is a BUNCH of flavor and heat in this dish but not a lot to feel guilty about.

My name is Caroline said...

Give me bacon, butter, chocolate, and even lard! I would never put water milk (skim milk) in my mouth! I want whole milk and heavy cream! Have you ever heard of the book Nourishing Traditions? You should look into it! Although I love fruits and veggies, bread and butter are a must too!

Luisa said...

OMG i love to bake too and hate dieting ,my husband is not a sweet lover which sucks because i get to eat all the sweet delicious goodness i bake lol , what i usually do at night when im super hungry its make a really noce cup of tea like chamomile or caffeine free green tea i like to ad some milk (some people dont like their tea with milk but i love it ) honey with some crackers and rasberry jelly .... i find that my worst enemy its my dinner so i try to eat very little it helps and i noticed i lost weight.Put some music at home more your chairs and dance dance dance lol its fun and you burn calories :) hope it helps

elise said...

I'm with Laura with the concept of Eat fat Loose Fat- reading Nourishing Traditions was a huge eye opener- i've only gained 13 lbs in 34 weeks of pregnancy as opposed to like 28+ by this point with my other kids. I've been eating real butter, whole milk, red meat, (and of course veggies & fruits) etc. just cutting out anything processed, sugar, and most wheat. (i know that sounds depressing when you love bread but it's not too bad and i still allow myself some fresh yummy bread on occasion- we do sprouted otherwise, or sourdough). i will be interested to see how if works with losing weight after the baby- honestly, i just want to be healthy! I'd love to start Zumba (i'm the same, it MUST be fun or i don't do it) and ride bikes more, maybe some ballet for toning and strengthening, but i've decided i'm okay with a little pudge here and there if my soul & body are being nourished!!

K said...
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Kate J. said...

My family was pretty obsessed with weight loss, but not necessarily with being healthy. My dad actually made a fat joke to me while I was pregnant. Body issues, I hear ya. My therapist told me something that really stuck with me, though, "It's a shame that so much focus was spent on how you looked rather than I being healthy..." I never even thought about that! Everything in moderation, enjoy life and enjoy heavy cream in your dishes every once in a while, and know that I really truly think of you as one of the most beautiful people I know. Inside and out.