Friday, March 25, 2011

Hair Hair Hair


I went dark.

WAY dark.

And, I LOVE IT!!

I feel oh-so-very-Zooey.

Also, something has changed my life infinitely for the better.

Two words: Dry Shampoo.

Holy cow. For a girl with puffy, fizzy, super dry hair that shouldn't be washed every day, this stuff is a God-send.It cleans your hair without getting it wet and adds tons of volume.

Let's face it drying and doing your hair is the worst part of getting ready. My mornings just got so much better.

Get yours here. Trust me. You want this stuff.


Ashley said...

I know I said it on Twitter, but I seriously love your hair. Zooey would be proud. ;)

Natalie said...

oh my gosh--I never saw you in real life as a blonde but you look GORGEOUS! love it!

A Little McD said...
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A Little McD said...

I think I MUST try this shampoo. Thanks for the tip! P.S. LOVE your new do. How is it that you look fab no matter what you do to your hair?!

elise said...

this sounds amaaaaazing. i'm totally checking it out.
and you look gorgeous dark! so different :O)