Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things I love but never purchase

I have a mini list of things I always really really want but will never ever buy for myself.

I don't even know the reasoning honestly.

They include...

A cute recipe box. I currently use a folder and a plastic container on my fridge and the internet. I really want two cute recipe boxes, one labeled "sweet" and one labeled "savory".

TOMS...particularly these adorable light blue linen ones.

Anthropologie lounge pants. I can't even begin to tell you how long I've wanted a pair of these. They are more comfortable than any other PJ's I've ever had. But I always think, "for the same money I could buy a cute top people actually SEE."

Any Anthropolgie apron. I think this would bring the baking level to maximum cuteness around my house.

What are you wanting that you won't treat yourself to?

Excuse me while i spend the rest of my day daydreaming about recipe organization.


Laurie! said...

great new picture up top!

I, too, want a pair of TOMS shoes. I didn't know they came in that blue color. So pretty.

Something I recently added to my "Christmas wish list" is a Conair mini curling iron. So cute and then I can touch up my hair in the bathroom at work b/c for some reason it ALWAYS needs touching up.

Natalie said...

Great list--that apron is too cute!

I actually just started a list of "gift ideas" to give people when they ask...since normally I can't think of anything on the spot. All things I wouldn't buy for myself (include whole foods gift cards, cookie scoops, and other random stuff!)

Sara said...

Love those items!!! You like blue, huh?

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Love your new header pic!

vmichelle said...

I totally relate... I'll buy myself all sorts of goofy stuff and then still long for something I just can't bring myself to buy for some unexplainable reason. Anthropologie lounge pants would probably be on my list too.