Thursday, April 15, 2010


We praise God in the the very big memorable moments, yes...

... but even in the most seemingly insignificant moments there are hand prints of a very real and very loving God who has his hands dirty in our very simple everydays.

Spring makes me think about those kind of very deserving praises:

- The budding promise of warmer days

- The scent of fresh flowers, not cut in a vase, but rooted in the dirt

- Fresh foods to be enjoyed with good company

- The instant accessibility of a beautiful day, a patchwork quilt and a good book

- The sappy, mushy feeling of being in love and being loved

- Cross breezes

- Big open patios with big roaring fires

- Clean spaces

- New beginnings: filled with uncertainty but covered in trust for a God who takes care of us in both the tiny and tall.

Happy Spring.
- Kara


Jess said...

Amen! All good points, but I am so feeling you on trust winning over uncertainty right now...Love it!

Anonymous said...

Nice thoughts.