Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You and Chocolate

You know you love chocolate. Who doesn't?

It's there for celebratin'

It's there for sorrow-drownin'

It's there for gift-givin'

It's there for PMSin'

It's there for when you've got plain got a hankerin'

You....yeah you.

I would like to introduce you to some seriously good chocolate...

Meet Olive & Sinclair

Remember my best friend's wedding? Or maybe her adorable sweetheart shower? Well, her and her husband own this fabulous Artisan Chocolate company in Nashville.

Not only is the chocolate delicious, I assure you from my taste buds to yours, but they are two of the best people who have ever walked the planet. They love God, each other and I love them.

And guess what? Now you can pick up some of their absolutely fantastic chocolate online .

Go. Right now. Yum. Yum.

If anything at all, mosey on over to their blog and check out some of the fabulous stuff they have been up to as of late.

Oh, and Scott & Aria...

I'll see you in a few weeks! CAN'T WAIT!


Lara said...

Oh, my!!!! I will check it out, Kara!!! You know I LOVE chocolate!

A Little McD said...

NO WAY! Someone in Jake's office gave him a bar of this chocolate for Christmas and I ate the entire thing! (It was 75%, too dark for him, but I LOVED it!) I can't believe it's Aria's! So cool! I even had Jake ask the guy who gave it to him to find out where he bought it so I could get more. I will def be buying more now! I'm so excited. Plus, I have a friend who works at the print shop that designed their wrappers. It's a small world after all.