Friday, August 28, 2009

Attention all ye with Cankles!

I'm about to take a big bold step and expose one of my deepest darkest insecurities.




I know. I know. They are unattractive, but I can't help what grandmamma gave me! With the cankle, comes the not so slim calf. I'm sorry for all of you who find this a tad unattractive or unsettling, but I feel even MORE sorry for myself when I see all you slim legged women walking around in your adorable fall boots. Tall boots NEVER fit me, and I wish they did. They'd be the perfect hiding mechanism for the cankle.

You all and your boots might as well just jab a knife into my lil' fashion-lovin' heart (or calf)

Enter Target.

Lovely lovely oh-so-targeted-right-to-me Target

Somehow, someway, their tall boots fit me this year! Maybe they are getting a clue that not all of us are blessed with chicken legs, or maybe the trend of stuffing your jeans into your boots is paying off for me because they have to allocate room for such denim. Last night my fall wardrobe world changed.

And you bet your big ol' bottom dollar I stocked up.

I got these little suede beauties. They are the perfect not brown not grey color that matches EVERYTHING. Oh I see the possibilities now, plum colored tights, a cute skirt, a chunky belt!

And I channeled the should-be-southerner in me and picked up these kind of riding/cowboy kicks... I have the perfect new shirt-type dress to wear these with. I can't wait!

So if I have any fellow cankle-sportin' women in the house... run, don't walk, to your local Target and snatch these up while you can. They both come in black too. And, each pair is less than 40 bucks. You can't beat that!!!

Come back and see me!


Melissa said...

I was cursed, I mean blessed, with some seriously disproportionately large legs. I never even bother to try on boots. I really love those riding boots, I'm totally stopping at Target soon to get some. THANKS!

Shelby said...

so cute!! would love to see the outfits when you wear them with these boots!! :)

Kara said...

Ahhh!! I have some minor cankles too (shhhh) and LOVE boots like this. I'll definitely check out Target soon - although Target recently ravaged my bank account :/

Ms. B said...

I got some majorly athletic legs passed down to me as well, completely eliminating knee high boots, unless they are the true lace up type, from my grasp. It's always been SO frustrating!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that bottom pair.