Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun Foodie Centerpiece Idea, and a Wild Turkey

My best friend is marrying a chef. 

OBVIOUSLY the food-thing is very important to this wedding. 

And, they want to incorporate their love of all-things-culinary into more than just,well... the food.

So imagine our excitement when this little gem of an image popped up on Style Me Pretty yesterday...

Yes people. That is BREAD AS THE CENTERPIECE. Served with a few Mediterranean dips with a pot of fresh herbs on either side. 

This is beautiful to me, and so much more personal than a floral arrangement. 

And, if any of you are brides-to-be. Go immediately bookmark Style me Pretty. It's the mecca of all wedding blogs. 

And now to the Wild Turkey, and no I'm not going to talk about Whiskey (yuck.).....

I would just like to comment that EVERY SINGLE DAY on my drive home at the SAME EXACT SPOT ON THE HIGHWAY there are the SAME TWO WILD TURKEYS walking up and down the shoulder of the highway, as if they are hitchhiking.  They also like to peck (do turkey's peck?) at the side of the shoulder- and eat rocks. I kid you not.


I may or may not say hi to them everyday when I drive by :)

Is it Friday yet?

Come back and see me!


Melanie said...

Oh that centerpiece is so perfect! And the turkeys... That is hilarious!

Megan said...

What a neat idea for a centerpiece!

The Pink Potpourri said...

wow, that is such a great idea! i love to host dinner parties, so i'll have to try that next time!

don't forget today is Free Giveaway Friday, so be sure to swing by The Pink Potpourri and enter to win!