Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy (belated) St. Nick's Day

Have you all heard of St. Nick's Day? It's nothing my family has ever celebrated, but this year was different. It all goes back to a saint who would visit and give gifts to children. A tradition started where children would put out their shoes with a carrot in it for St. Nick's horses in hopes he would bless them with a gift in return. 

So, now, children leave their shoes out the evening of December 5th, in hopes of a special treat. This weekend my mother and I visitied the historic Daniel Boone home and we learned about this tradition. (a whole blog post on this visit to come- you guys would love it)

I didn't put my shoe out, but Saturday when I woke up (I'm visiting my parents for the weekend) I found this:

A cute little primitive ornament....

A clementine...
In the early 1800's fruits were a very special treat. Often, for Christmas or St. Nick's day, children would receive an orange as a gift. It may have been the first time they had ever tried one!

I love my mom. Thanks for such an adorable St. Nick's Day surprise!!

Later that day we headed off to old town St. Charles, Missouri. I have an entire post about that on the horizon too. 

What a wonderful Christmas weekend!!!

Come back and see me!


Anonymous said...

The picture of your shoe and the one of you and your mom are too cute! That sounds like a fun tradition to start..

Miss Anne said...

Your mom is amazing! What a sweet soul!

The ornament and clementine in your shoe was so precious!


Megan said...

Primitive decor is my favorite. :0) I hadn't heard of St. Nick's Day..sounds like a cute one to start celebrating!

Liz said...

We have the exact same shoes. :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love this! What a fun surprise!

littlesack said...

one of my favorite childhood memories is about St. Nick's day. We were learning about how different cultures celebrate Xmas in first grade and we all put our shoes outside the classroom door for the day. I loved shuffling around in my socks! Of course in the flury of 7 year olds--we swore we saw St. Nick outside! We rushed outside to see our shoes and they all had holiday treats in them. I loved that day!