Friday, June 6, 2008

Apartment Envy- Carrie Bradshaw

I just saw Sex & The City last night so forgive me. I'm a little overly obsessed right now...

I have a severe case of apartment lust most anytime I visit any one's place for the first time. I don't know what it is but I always think the grass is greener on the other side, that or everyone else has better decorating taste than me.

Carrie Bradshaw is NO exception. Carrie's apartment gets a facelift in the movie. However, let's be honest. I was lusting after her apartment through every HBO episode. I loved the old apartment's shabby "lived in" style. Everything seemed thrown together but somehow it worked, and made me want to pick up, move to New York, and some how live her lifestyle. Clearly my Midwest ways immediately kicked in and brought me back down to reality.

Here's Carrie's place pre-movie makeover:

Now, I REALLY love Carrie's new place, and there a couple of elements from her place I'm dying to work into my new apartment when I move in July.

Here's Carrie's Place Post-Makeover, let the lusting ensue:

What I love:
- The random mis-matched frames above the bed, I'm definitely doing this!
- The blue/white combo will also make an appearance in my new bedroom, but in much a more pale way
-That rug! What girl on earth wouldn't love that rug?!

What's your favorite part of Carrie's place?

Thanks for stopping by! Come back and see me!

~ Kara

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Julia said...

Hi Kara! Thanks for the sweet comment and stopping by. I love this post, btw. I have yet to see the movie but now I'm drooling even more. I'll have a look around now...